21 Town on Juan Street is Diane Powers's Casa Guadalajara, an Old Town tradition for over 30 years. Casa Guadalajara is a feast for your eyes as well as the palate. For those that are sophisticated and discriminating when it comes to Mexican cuisine this is the place. For a traditional feast, delicious Mexican food is served at Café Coyote, it is in the center of town and has won the award for best Mexi- can for over 15 years. The Old Town Mexican Cafe also in the center of town is the original home to the handmade tortilla maker. They are one of Old Town’s best restaurants, serving traditional Mexican cuisine. Freds Mexican Cafe is a more southwestern style, health mex, in and outdoor seating (Continued on page 22) The most delicious way to experience an area's culture is through it's food! Mexican Food Tradition... There are plenty of great Mexican restaurants to choose from including Barra Barra a full-service Mexican restaurant and saloon with indoor and outdoor seating. Casa de Reyes, in the center of Fiesta de Reyes, has an outdoor area where tortillas are made by hand, and a wonderful courtyard stage and seating area. Casa de Reyes features traditional Mexican food, like home- made tamales, chile rellenos and sizzling fajitas. Also located at the northern entrance to Old flavors