33 in her family home, writing her memoirs that remain as some of the most important firsthand accounts of early San Diego, and passed away in 1953. In 1956, the house was up for sale and plans to demolish it to make way for a gas station were curtailed by June and Jim Reading who, with a concerned group of citizens, convinced the Coun- ty of San Diego to buy and restore the house. The Whaley House opened its doors to the public as a historic house museum in 1960 and since 2000 has been operated for the county by Save Our Heritage Organisation (SOHO). SOHO has been returning the house to its nineteenth century appearance ever since and offers a number of historic and ghostly tours. GhostlyLegends The Travel Channel calls the Whaley House the number one most haunted house in the United States. The hauntings of the Whaley House have been reported on numerous television programs from Jay leno to Regis Philbin and been written up in countless publications and books since the house first opened as a museum in 1960. The home continues to makes every national an- nual list for the must see and most haunted sites and continues to draw visitors from all over the globe. The Whaley House stands, silently watching over San Diego Avenue, as it has done for a century and a half. Every day visitors are welcomed to tour the historic museum. It contains so much history within its walls, that even the non-believ- er will enjoy the tour. For believers and skep- tics alike, the house draws them back time and again, in search of those elusive ghosts. As Regis Philbin once said, “You know a lot of people pooh-pooh it because they can’t see it. But there was something going on in that house!” HISTORIC OLD TOWN SAN DIEGO TRAIL McCOY HOUSE was originally built in 1869, and was home to California’s 8th sheriff. It has been reconstructed and is now a museum.