Barra Barra Restaurant & Saloon
Traditional Mexican Food
State Park (619) 297-3100
Cafe Coyote y Cantina
Traditional Mexican Food
Winner Best Mexican '05,'06,'08,'09,10,11, 12
2461 San Diego Avenue, (619) 291-4695
Casa de Reyes Mexican Cuisine
Mexican Feast and Fiesta with courtyard seating in the lush
tropical plaza surrounded by unique shops.
(619) 297-3100
Casa Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant
Mexican Cuisine, Seafood and the Famous Giant Margaritas
4105 Taylor Street, (619) 295-5111
Cold Stone Creamery
Ice Cream made Daily, the Ultimate Ice Cream Experience
2448 San Diego Avenue, (619) 543-9057
Cosmopolitan Hotel & Restaurant
Modern tastes with traditional foods of the 1870s
2660 CalhounStreet, (619) 297-1874
D’O Thai Cottage
Traditional Thai Cuisine, great service.
2414 San Diego Ave (619) 683-2406
Jack & Guilio's Italian Restaurant
Homemade Pastas. Veal, Poultry, Beef and Seafood
2391 San Diego Avenue, (619) 294-2074
La Pinata Mexican Restaurant
San Diego’s Oldest Restaurant, Fajitas, Tamales, and
2836 Juan street, (619) 297-1631
Old Town Mexican Cafe Restaurant
San Diego Restaurant Gold Medal Award 5 years in a row
2489 San Diego Avenue, (619) 297-4330
Pizza Bella Italian Bistro
Eat In, Take Out and Delivery
2707 Congress Street, (619) 692 4333
Rockin' Baja
Famous for Traditional Mexican Seafood dishes served in a
fun Baja atmosphere
Twiggs Street off Congress Street (619) 260-0305
Tequila Factory Old Town
Delicious Mexican Food, outdoor patio dining atop the
Hacienda Hotel with views of the San Diego Bay. Free parking
2467 Juan St, San Diego, CA 92110 (619) 260-8124

Old Town sidewalks overflow with people who come to revisit history, to shop and to savor some of the best and greatest variety of food that San Diego has to offer.
While regional and Mexican specialties are not to be missed and present many cooking styles, visitors to Old Town have a wide choice of cuisines. The area has a history rich in diversity so you can also find early California fare along with Italian, Japanese, Creole, Peruvian, and some really great seafood.  There is something for every appetite and budget and every doorway leads to a delectable discovery.
Just a tidbit or two about the food traditions of an area can give an added dimension to the dining experience so here are a few basic historic food facts about California’s cuisine.
There are plenty of great restaurants to choose from, including, Jack & Giulio’s Italian Restaurant, the place for homemade pastas, veal, poultry, beef, and seafood specialties; Casa Guadalajara El Fandango fine Mexican restaurant for the romantic adventurous gourmet; Old Town Mexican Restaurant, five time winner Gold Medal Award with 'Heart Smart" selections; La Pinata Mexican Restaurant, San Diego's oldest and the locals favorite and delicious Mexican Food at the Café Coyote. After dinner, Korky’s Ice Cream & Coffee, Cold Stone Creamery, and Churchill Cigar Lounge are open for business.

California’s history is inextricably intertwined with Mexico and Spain. The Conquest of Mexico in 1521 gave rise to one of the richest culinary revolutions in history. When the Spanish explorer Cortez and his followers came to the new world in search of fortune, they found a wealth of culinary specialties such as chocolate, peanuts, vanilla, beans, squash, avocados, coconuts, corn and tomatoes.  In turn the Spanish brought to the Americas products such as pork, beef, lamb, citrus fruits, garlic, cheese, milk, wheat, vinegar and wine, add these to the native American and early pioneers traditional foods and you have some of the richest food combinations in the country.
During Mexico’s colonial period 1521 to 1821 is when much of today's Mexican fare was invented, such favorites as chile’s rellenos and guacamole and it was actually nuns who pioneered such now-traditional Mexican fare as buñuelos! In the mid Victorian period Mexico was ruled by the former Austrian archduke Ferdinand Maximilian from1864 to 1867 and though his reign was brief and tragic, French cooking left a permanent mark on many Mexican-restaurant dishes.
Spend your vacation in the heart of San Diego at a one of the may quality hotels in Old Town. Take the time to explore the many historic sites and shop in a variety of stores that can only be found in Old Town. They all offer different types of unique and delicious items just waiting for you to discover! Enjoy the richness of History art and culture that is truly the Flavor of Old Town San Diego.